Software Engineering

I am currently taking on freelance software engineering offers. My experience is in web development, mostly web-based applications, and desktop applications. The tech stack I use is the Microsoft suite -- for web and C# for desktop. I would love to get hands-on experience with data science and data-driven solutions.

Piano and Music Composition

I am a self-taught pianist who's looking for opportunities for live performances. My style can be described as cocktail, but I consider it a mix of jazz and impressionist. I most of what I play is improv; however, I do have a few compositions.

Business Process Improvement

My current employer is contracted with one of the largest grocery store chains in the US. I've helped them improve their business processes to increase efficiency and productivity, and lower variable costs.


One of the biggest inspirations to me is John Sonmez. His YouTube channel -- Simple Programmer (for a time Bulldog Mindset) -- gave me guidance and his book -- The Software Developer's Career Guide -- is one of the greatest resources of advice for any entry-level developer.

My biggest takeaways from his advice is value. What can I do to add value to your life so we can both happily sit down at the end of the day and say "we're one step closer to reaching our goals"? Whatever those may be.