Software Development

I am an entry-level software developer with a background in web-based applications and excel automation.

Piano Performance / Composition

I am a self-taught pianist and I love to compose my own pieces. My style is probably described as a combination of jazz / blues and impressionist.

Tutoring / Teaching

I offer my skills to help improve businesses. I like to work with small-medium sized companies. I can show you what technologies can benefit you and how to fully leverage those technologies.


Software Development

In high school, I graduated as the top student of my class from a local technical school in their Web Development program. I received an Adobe Certified Associate certificate in Web Authoring using Dream Weaver. From there I attended a local community college and received an Associate of Science in Computer Science.

Professionally, I developed and administrate a website for the company I currently work for and have written several Excel scripts for automation and reporting.

The website leverages an AWS EC2, DynamoDB, and S3 instances for the production environment.

The Excel scripts do a number of things from interfacing with a legacy COBOL system, to reporting, even to automation.

Music Composition

I started to teach myself piano around the age of 10. I was taught how to read sheet music in school and had some for the recorder.


One afternoon, I came across an old keyboard from the '80s my mother had hidden away. She put the name of the notes on a sticker on each key, so I took the sheet music for the recorder and learned to play by referencing the stickers.

For the most part, I just learned to play little bits and pieces by ear and by whatever scores I could get my hands on. It wasn't until high school that I really began to learn how to play.

What really taught me how to play was when I started to write my own music. I wasn't a Mozart by any means. My first few pieces were pop-sounding and very repetitive. However, as I wrote more and more, I listened to more and more music so that I had the vocabulary to express what I wanted.

There are two artists that really stand out to me, Chopin and Bill Evans. Chopin was a romatic composer of the mid-1800s. Bill Evans was a jazz legend who's technique focused heavily on harmonies.

If I had to describe the way I play, it would be a mix of these two.

Contact Me

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