Process Improvement

The company I work for is a small-medium company; there are roughly 100 employees. Most jobs offered by this company are standard-based (i.e. you’re paid based on your performance). I have tried to take an active role in the constant improvement of their business processes to improve efficiency and lower costs.

The first improvement I made was an excel macro that calculated the time used to perform a certain job function. This eliminated the need to do this by hand. The company that contracts mine uses a legacy COBOL system which I am unable to edit, so navigating and scraping information from the system through Excel/VBA were key skills that I developed creating the macro.

The second was a continuation of the first improvement. The biggest difference was modifying the macro to calculate all times of all functions for payroll. This decreased the time to finish payroll from 5-6 hours to under 30 minutes — a 90% time-savings.

Currently, I am working on eliminating the need for a 120 page — 50 stickers per page — report that is used to perform a mission-critical task. The printer used to print this report is very finicky and breaks all the time. So, once fully implemented, not only are material-use costs cut but maintenance costs as well.

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